Wednesday, April 17, 2013

漢字はむずかしくない- Kanji isn’t that hard 24 ways to mastering kanji

Mastering kanji (Chinese characters) can be quite hard for learners, especially those from non-kanji-using countries, because there are a great number of characters and each one has different ways of being read. This textbook uses an innovative method, which enables learners to understand the origin and meaning (unit) of each kanji character. English Translation is included.

Reviews of Kanji isn't that hard 

Not for the serious kanji scholar who is looking for an accurate history of the formation of kanji characters, but it is an interesting book to look through. The book gives 24 rules for understanding kanji. The kanji characters used to illustrate these rules have nice illustrations that show where they came from (or the author's creative ideas of where they could come from). The explanations of the kanji are in English and Japanese, and the Japanese is kept fairly basic. Overall this is an enjoyable book and can serve the purpose of simply getting someone interested in kanji and giving a little better idea of what kanji are. 
  This book's approach is great for those who need something that is simplified and approachable. Those students that pride themselves on their rote-memory skills, and teachers/professors that require that those that learn from them follow their strict demands unwavering will deride this book as unconventional. It is the fact that this book is unconventional that I recommend it so highly.

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